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Prepare on your own schedule and have flexibility to learn from the comfort of your own home


State-of-the-art interactive simulator that lets you walk around the class A or B truck and practice the entire inspection process


Carry it with you and study no matter where you are. Learn how to inspect tires, suspensions, engine, air brake system, perform air brake tests, and more.


Complete content and progress management system to evaluate each student’s progress and identify areas of improvement


As a School, you can add custom content and create your own courses. You can even build you entire web presence!


We are here to provide you all the infrastructure you need, so you can focus on what you do best: Training.

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It allows students to inspect vehicles in ways impossible via traditional learning methods.

For the Student: 

PretripMaster.com serves as a complete and interactive course covering every component of the Pre-trip Inspection. Our training material and interactive simulator prepares students with confidence when performing the Pre-trip Inspection

For the School: 

PretripMaster.com provides all the tools needed to manage and evaluate students,  create customized course material and have you own Online portal. To this date, its the most comprehensive suite for Pretrip training, and will surely increase the approval rate of your students.

Our Team

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    Anthony Luna

    Co-Founder and CEO

    About Anthony Luna

    Anthony Luna is a nine year veteran as a CEO. Founding Pretripmaster.com in 2006, he helped grow the user-base to over 8,000 locations internationally. He strives to provide the quintessential learning experience for his clients as he understands the complexity of this industry to form a seamless transition from CDL permit to employment by motivating, inspiring, and engaging every client to provide them as much value as possible. Anthony also provides the value of speaking two languages (English and Spanish) to effectively connect with clients in a number of unique markets. His philosophy is “if it’s to be, it’s up to me” and if you work hard and work smart, success will find you.

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    Mario Luna


    About Mario Luna

    Mario Luna (R.I.P. 11/1983 – 11/2011) had just 3 years experience as an actual CDL instructor and soon found himself frustrated with the limited resources he had to teach, Pretripmaster.com was born. Mario had 8 years experience as a CEO and grew our organization to having over 8,000 locations and thousands of users worldwide. Achieving international status in 2009 PretripMaster.com has proven itself to be the quintessential system for any CDL Classroom. It was developed by an instructor for instructors. Mario’s vision was to develop a new standard regarding the quality of education students receive.

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    Matt Hitch

    Motion Graphic Designer

    About Matt Hitch

    Matt is a motion graphic designer with over five years experience serving clients in a vast array of industries across North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Specializing in animated explainer videos showcasing websites, software platforms and smart phone applications, Matt also crafts unique motion designs for TV, educational institutions, international record labels and more. Matt prides himself on the unique creativity, professionalism, dedication and attention to detail he brings to each project that comes across his desk.

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